Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I order , and by what means ?

Slots are basically available on a first come first serve basis , it is recommend to order 2-3 days in advance as it gives you the flexibility of choosing a time slot more suited for you.

How many servings in a pound?

1 pounds serves 3-4 people

Minimum pounds per order?

-minimum order for a custom cake is 2 pounds
-plain cakes (e.g over the counter cakes) can be done in a minimum of 1 pound .

Do different flavours cost extra?

standard flavours are accommodated in the cost quoted , while premium ones are charged 100-300 per pound.

Can I get more than 1 flavor in a cake ?

If it’s a round single tier cake : 1 flavor
If it’s a square / rectangular cake :2 flavours
For round cakes with multiple tiers : 1 flavor per tier .

Can I get a flavor off the list of preset flavours?

Yes , you may ask for any flavor you like and we will accommodate you if the raw ingredients are available in the market.

What is a Victorian sponge cake and what is a butter sponge cake , which one does funkybake use ?

We use butter based sponges as they are more dense and firm hence providing a more stable and easy to decorate foundation for the cake.
There is a difference between butter cakes and Victorian sponges

– butter cakes are dense and have less volume hence forth lesser air pockets than a Victorian sponge
– lesser air pockets imply a different characteristic in the way they soak , whether the medium be milk or sugar syrup ( incase of Victorian sponge its sugar syrup )

I think my cake is dry , why is that ?

The cakes made with butter look dry but are moist , a dry cake in comparison would be chalky and crumbs would fall off as you take bites of it

How many 3D figures can I get on a cake?

2-3 for cakes under 5 pounds , extra figures will be charged according to the detailing done on them .

What does the cost of a cake depend on ?


Should we be aware of allergens?

People with peanut allergies should let our employees know when ordering , so that we may take necessary precaution with their order.

Do you make cakes for people with special dietary requirements ?

Yes, We make gluten free , vegan , keto and sugar free cakes on order as well!

Can you accurately replicate colours and design of a cake ?

We always try our level best.
Things we cannot guarantee are color accuracy and figure detailing as everything is hand made and the colors are mixed and made ourselves . There is also a factor that most pictures you get off the net are edited , color corrected , and taken in professional photo shoot environments , those things make the cake look more better than it may actually look in real life .

Are there any limitations to the cakes you make ?

Not really , our cakes are 100% custom made, so you can make any request and if it’s within means we’ll definitely accommodate you!

Is there a maximum weight for cakes ?

There is no maximum weight , it can weigh as much as you want it to be.

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