Funky Bake

Funky bake is the pioneer designer cake cafe in Islamabad which was conceived more than a decade ago! This brand came into being for the core purpose of making your special days absolutely memorable by helping you build custom cakes to make your loved ones feel special on their big day. Funky bake came at a time when the concept of designer cakes unbeknownst and now getting designer cakes made for every occasion, no matter how big or small has become a household norm. Funky bake has made its journey to becoming synonymous with designer cakes in the town cities and has now gone overseas into new markets with the love and support of all their customers.

Our Mission

Founded in 2008 with the love of creation and wild imagination, FunkyBake’s mission is to make your special days memorable and exciting with custom made high quality cakes.

Our Vision

We strive to bring pleasure to our customers on their special days by making them absolutely memorable. We want to make it possible for others to enjoy the beauty of high quality baking and have their requests fulfilled.

Amber the Chef

Amber Qaiser, founder of Funky Bake, is the perfect blend of a dreamer and do-er! She was an artsy creative person since she was young but never really knew how to channel this passion of hers into something substantial.

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